The Artists’ and Inventors’ Legal Clinic provides pro bono and sliding scale fee legal services in all areas of artistic and inventive endeavor: movies, music, publishing, visual arts, fashion, industrial designs, prototyping, testing, financing, manufacturing, marketing, distribution. We help individuals and businesses with contracts, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, privacy concerns, regulatory compliance and many other legal issues.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

  1. Call (720) 432-2787 or email artistsandinventorslegalclinic@gmail.com (preferably by email) and,
  2. leave a message with the following information:
    • the legal name of each person who will appear at the Clinic, the name of each person’s business, employer, organization, band, or group. (this information is essential to eliminate conflicts of interest)
    • A brief summary of the legal issues you desire consultation on. (please do not provide confidential information in your message, e.g. -patent ideas)
    • A phone number or email address that we can contact you at to confirm your appointment and request additional information if necessary.

Once your request has been received you should receive notice of your scheduled appointment shortly. Consultations are scheduled in no less than half hour increments. (There are often only a couple of clients, in which case clients may be given extended sessions.) Please arrive at your appointment on-time and prepared to present your case in a clear manner.


Consultations take place from 6:00 to 8:00 Pm on Monday nights.

Parking on the street is free after 7:00pm.

Referrals take place anytime.


1942 Broadway St. Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80302

Monday night consultations are held in the Broadway Suites located on the Sout East Corner of Broadway and Pearl St. In Boulder, CO.

All referrals are handled in the offices of the attorney who has accepted the representation.

Details Of The Clinic

The Clinic provides free consultation on Monday nights regardless of income. Referrals to pro bono and sliding scale fee attorneys are made to clients who live in Colorado and can demonstrate financial need.  Clients wishing to obtain a referral to a pro bono or sliding scale fee attorney must first submit an application for referral.

Attorneys taking referrals from the Clinic are currently offering pro bono representation to those who demonstrate household income of less than $25,000, and sliding scale fees (typically 50%) to those who demonstrate a household income of less than $50,000. Some variance is possible in limited situations.

Artists’ and Inventors’ Legal Clinic Services:

  • Consultation on issues related to entertainment law, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and publicity rights: registration, use, licensing, and litigation, etc…
  • Consultation on issues related to contract or license formation, rescission, renegotiation, and enforcement
  • Consultation on issues related to entity formation, fund raising, insurance, business plans, and management
  • Consultation on issues related to artists and inventors generally

The Clinic Will Not Consult You on the Following:

  • Issues related to taxes
  • Issues related to securities
  • Issues related to criminal or domestic matters

*The Clinic renders only legal consultation, at no point will the Artists’ and Inventors’ Legal Clinic represent you, however, the Clinic does refer applicants to local attorneys who may or may not assist you according to their own terms of representation.

Referrals to Pro Bono and Sliding Scale Fee Lawyers

The Artists’ and Inventors’ Legal Clinic is happy to refer clients to local attorneys who may render actual pro bono legal or sliding scale fee representation to those who demonstrate even modest financial need.

**Even when clients of the Clinic are referred to pro bono or sliding scale fee attorneys, they are still responsible for all fees incurred by those lawyers in the performance of their duties, including: database searching fees, U.S. Copyright Office fees, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office fees, mail and shipping fees, copy fees, discovery fees, etc. Attorney’s that accept referrals from the Artists’ and Inventors’ Legal Clinic will typically render the following services.

Services Frequently Rendered by Pro Bono and Sliding Scale Fee Referral:

  • Searching and registration of trademarks and copyrights
  • Comprehensive licensing and contract services
  • Standard profit or nonprofit business formations, bylaws, minutes, operational documentation, state filings, etc…
  • Obtaining licenses and permits for businesses, films, concerts, performances, etc…
  • Copyright, trademark, and publicity rights clearance
  • Title searches and interpretations
  • Guest lectures on specific legal issues

Services Occasionally Rendered by Pro Bono Referral  and Frequently Rendered by Sliding Scale Fee:

  • Investor financing agreements
  • Establishment of chain of title and guild relations and compliance procedures for films
  • Limited representation of: agents, producers, writers, playwrights, actors, directors, crafts-persons, designers, recording labels, music publishers, recording artists and  songwriters

Services Never Rendered Pro Bono by Referral, and Occasionally Rendered by Sliding Scale Fee:

  • Patent searching and prosecution
  • Issuance of securities
  • Patent and trade secret licensing
  • FDA approval and compliance
  • Litigation

Submit an Application for a Referral Here, This is Not Necessary for an Appointment