About the Clinic

History of the Clinic

The Artist’s and Inventor’s Legal Clinic is a non-profit referral service for pro bono legal services and education managed by patent attorney Will Hunziker, proprietor of Hunziker Legal Services, PLLC.

Message from Will Hunziker

Photography Of Will Hunziker, Manager of the Artist's and Inventor's Legal Clinic
After working at the Arts Legal Clinic at the University of Seattle School of Law in 2007, I decided to bring my passion for community service and my expertise in intellectual property back to my home town of Boulder Colorado and give those same services to the members of my community in the hope of fostering a vibrant and healthy culture of profitable creativity.

For my part, I devote about 10-20 hours every week to working on this website, referring applicants to attorneys willing to work on cases either pro bono or sliding scale, and to meeting with members of the public that I represent personally. I occasionally ask other prominent practitioners from the local intellectual property bar to sit-in or cover for me on the regular Monday night clinic.


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