Use of the Clinic Name and Logo

Logo Use Policy

The name and logo of The Artist’s and Inventor’s Legal Clinic, “the Clinic,” are trademarks of the Clinic and, as such, are valuable assets that play an important role in promoting the Clinic and its resources and services; their value may be weakened or lost altogether by improper use. This Logo Use Policy provides for the allowable use and required acknowledgment of the name and logo and preserves the trademark rights of the Clinic and its resources. These requirements apply to parties referring to the Clinic’s trademarks, including volunteer attorneys, third parties, and members of the public.
The Clinic’s name and logo are the sole and exclusive property of the Clinic. Volunteer attorneys in good standing may use the the Clinic’s logo to exhibit their affiliation with the Clinic only if such use complies with the terms and conditions listed below.

General Logo Use Policy

• No modifications may be made to the logo without approval from Will Hunziker; however, logo size can be adjusted as needed.
• The Clinic’s name and logo may not be used in any manner that, in the sole discretion of Will Hunziker: discredits the Clinic or tarnishes its reputation and goodwill; is false or misleading; violates the rights of others; violates any law, regulation, or other public policy; or mis-characterizes the relationship between the Clinic and the user. Any expense or liability resulting from a use determined by Will Hunziker to be in violation of this General Use Policy shall be the responsibility of the party responsible for the use.
• Use of the Clinic’s name or logo to encourage the purchase of any particular individual’s, company’s, or organization’s products or services is forbidden.
• The Clinic, through Will Hunziker reserves the right to inspect and give final approval to the reproduction and the manner in which the logo is reproduced or displayed on printed materials, in electronic documents and on Web sites.
• Advertisements, press releases, or displays containing any the Clinic name or logo in any form shall not include expressed or implied testimonials or endorsements of a business or individuals, or their products or services, without the written consent of Will Hunziker.
• All uses of the logo will inure to the benefit of the Clinic and use of the Clinic name or logo on the web should be accompanied with a link to the Clinic. use of the Clinic’s name or logo should link to

Volunteer Attorney Use

• The Clinic’s volunteer attorneys may accurately indicate their membership and activities within the Clinic for the purpose of documenting their professional activities, provided such information does not violate the Volunteer Attorney Use Policy set forth.
• The Clinic’s volunteer attorneys may not voice opinions or offer advice on behalf of theClinic without express approval from Will Hunziker.
• Upon request, volunteer attorneys who use the Clinic’s logo agree to provide the Clinic with representative copies of all materials bearing the logo and to abide by the decision of Will Hunziker with respect to approval of the use of the logo.

Public Use

• Members of the public may not use the Clinic’s logo without submitting materials for review and receiving written approval from Will Hunziker for a limited-use agreement. Contact Will Hunziker at (720) 321-ARTS for more information.
• The Clinic may provide the association logo to event vendors, sponsors, or partnering associations for use in promotional or collaborative materials during the term of the agreement or event.

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